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My testimony



How did I arrive …

The years in which “I had Tranquility” were far removed from my connection with the spirit, so until I had a crisis in many, if not in all areas of my life, I understood that alone and without faith, I could overcome what at that time I had to face in order to grow as a human being and above all as a being of light.

EAt this time, I resorted to trying to open countless possible doors that at the end of the day only showed me more and more darkness. Until I get to therapy with angels and I began to give a lot of meaning to what was happening to me and without knowing why, I understood that at some point it was going to lead to thank for each one of those events, since I was becoming a strong woman with a greater understanding of what we have in our hands and we call Life on Earth.

By living this process, I took courses, workshops, and most importantly a closeness with myself, where I knew that in me was the answer to the growth of being what my higher self needed to achieve.

During this time many times my Gift to Heal was mentioned to me, something that I never came to believe and still do not believe it, but in a way, I know that through my affinity with the interpretation of the cards and “Ease” that I have to be able to say with words what people need, I have managed to give encouragement to those who are going through difficult times, which is why today I have taken the strength to take advantage of this community and put a grain of sand in this world, even if it is very small, offering a message that can help, at least one person and that, before hand, just imagining it fills my heart with peace and believe me, with much love.

REMEMBER: Our power is in the Inner Strength that we manage to find in difficult times.

Why I Came to Card Interpretation

The letters are articles that have been satirized throughout the ages, either by religion or by people who believe that they will find answers to the future in them, which I think is certainly impossible.

The cards have always seemed to me a world full of magic with which I can make use of my imagination with the divine connection in their meaning, according to the situation or question posed. With them I learned to find a guide, which many times I myself do not find on my own or no matter how much I seek advice from those who are close to me, for this reason, this universe has caught my attention, since in them I find a wide range of of possibilities that don’t judge me in advance and only show me more options, which with my ego or stubbornness (whatever you want to call it) I don’t usually see so easily.

Today writing these lines, I remember how at school I used to play with reading cards, for me this was just a joke with high school friends, at that time they used to tell me how good I was at saying things, which left me terrified and I was much more curious to know about this. Years passed and I did not touch them again, first because at that time one has other things on the mind, being in a convent school you can imagine the great sin that was playing with cards and going further, trying to give messages with them, This was quite an event to be able to be expelled hahaha incredible!!!, well and as a second measure for my mom this was a matter of demons or lying people without any foundation in their lives, so all this led me to disconnect even more.

4 years ago when I took up this topic, the affinity was immediate and believe me that without much analysis or study, it has flowed more and more for me to be able to give the right message to those who consult me, who until now, being very honest, are people who are close to me. They have recommended and from there I have managed to have more confidence in myself.

There are countless cards and these are like crystals, they come into your life when they have to come and they call you when you have many options in front of you. This is why little by little I have become familiar with several oracles that have crossed my path. I would love to have countless of them, but little by little I know that they will come into my life in the right way to provide the right message to those who come to me.

The cards are an energetic portal that we open to tell stories that provide us with divine guidance in difficult times, many times they remind us of the reality that we do not want to see or the ego does not let us see.

Every message that comes to you through them is full of love for your spiritual growth.


Several years ago I started working with Colombian communities, on matters of commercial strengthening, for things in life, thanks to this opportunity I began my career to be closer to each of the people with whom I currently have the opportunity to produce 100% Colombian products. .

In this process, the idea of ​​making a brand arose, a brand with which I could connect various topics that I am passionate about today, these are: handbags, image consulting and personal care, along with the possibility of generating income for people. who strive every day to make beautiful crafts with their hands that represent our country. This is how Kaliinas emerges, a brand focused on developing innovative products by merging different techniques and materials that are part of the cultural wealth of Colombia.

I currently have the joy of working with more than 300 artisans in different regions of the country, working with materials such as: Iraca, Leather, Pindo, Wayuu Fabric, Kankuamos Fabrics, Arhuaca Backpacks, Organic Cotton, Recycled Fabrics. , among others. I have achieved this THANKS to the real clients with whom I count today in Colombia, Paris, China and the United States.

As a Vision: My dream is to be able to generate income in 5 years for 1000 families throughout the Colombian territory, reaching commercialization not only in Colombia, but with a high representation in European countries, the United States and China.

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